Winlock Egg Days Magic

Winlock Egg Days-Jeff EvansWinlock is a small town south of Chehalis in Lewis County.  I do a couple of events there a year, ranging from programs for the Winlock Timberland Library to assemblies for the elementary school.  I’ve also performed for the Winlock High School Senior Class Party, the Senior Center (as in senior citizens!), the Winlock Lions Club, and private parties.

The Winlock Egg Days celebration has been happening since 1937, but this was my first time being part of it.  Two thumbs way up for a small-town event that people really get behind and support!  I arrived about half-way through the parade, and was impressed to see so many people lining the streets to see it go by.  There was actually a traffic jam and parking was impossible to find, which has to be a rare situation in the downtown.

“We had nothing but positive comments and hope we can keep having entertainers of your quality for return engagements of our small town’s events.   You held the attention of kids and adults alike, and we will happily recommend you for other functions…  I knew in my heart that you would be a good fit for us and you proved it many times over.  Great show!!!”
-Nettie Jungers, Festival Coordinator

“You were a huge hit in Winlock! My grandson can’t stop talking about all your magic! I hope Winlock Egg Day plans to ask if you’ll come back. So much fun!
 -Barbara Lewis, Winlock

Winlock obviously has a lot of 12th man spirit, too.  Always nice seeing Seahawks green and blue!

The "World's Largest Egg" in Winlock, Washington has a distinctly "hawkish" appearance

The “World’s Largest Egg” in Winlock, Washington takes on a hawkish appearance to commemorate the Super Bowl champs.

Egg Days Director Nettie gets the party started at the Winlock Community Center

Egg Days Director Nettie gets the party started at the Winlock Community Center

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Issaquah Birthday Party Magician

Parties are more fun with magic!

And, more affordable with BizX*.

"Client of the Year" Alex in his [rented] Lamborghini

“Client of the Year” Alex in his [rented] Lamborghini

Alex and Denise receive my award for “Client of the Year.”  Alex first hired me for a fundraising event in Bellevue at the church they attend over a year ago.  Since then, he and his wife, Denise, have hired me for three other parties at their home in Issaquah; one a block-party for their neighborhood, another a Christmas party, and this one for Denise’s birthday celebration.  They throw the most amazing parties, treat their vendors like friends, and their friends like VIPs.

*Are they super-wealthy, and blowing tends of thousands of dollars each time they celebrate?  Nope – they are member of the BizXchange and Saturn Barter organizations and are masters of using barter dollars as part of their businesses!  Learn more about how  barter works by clicking one of the links above.  Barter is not new – in fact, it predates money transactions – but many businesses aren’t aware of how powerful it can be and how it works with your cash business.  I’ve been a member of barter organizations since about 1997 and highly recommend it.

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans in Issaquah

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans in Issaquah

Last December I was blown away when I drove into the neighborhood and saw their home lit up like Candy Cane Lane.  Alex had thousands of bulbs over the house, trees, and yard, all connected to electronic controllers like you see on YouTube videos.  They hired horse-drawn carriage rides and all of their guests and anyone in the neighborhood was invited to ride.

Last weekend Games2U provided a mobile gaming station and laser tag game.  Clowns Unlimited set up a huge inflatable ride in the driveway.  (Both are great organizations, and I ran into them both the week before at high school grad parties.)  And, they even rented a LAMBORGHINI for the day!  (Love the sound of that engine.)  Best of all, every one of these companies – including the delicious catering and bar – are barter members!

Denise is an amazing singer, Alex plays guitar (and more), and they put together an incredible band featuring Steppenwolf guitarist Glen Bui.  Seeing and hearing them perform live was awesome!  I performing strolling magic throughout the evening plus a stand-up show for the whole group in between sets by the band.  Not sure how they’re going to top this, but I know they will!

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans for Denise's ?? birthday party in Issaquah

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans for Denise’s ?? birthday party in Issaquah

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Summer Public Magic Shows

Magician Jeff Evans ~ Be a fan at

Magician Jeff Evans ~ Be a fan at

SUMMER VACATION is the best time to see one of my shows live.  Here’s my public show schedule for June, July, August, and September.

June 2014 Public Magic Shows

Jeff's Science Magic show is featured at dozens of libraries throughout western Washington and beyond in summer 2014

Jeff’s Science Magic show is featured at dozens of libraries throughout western Washington and beyond in summer 2014.  Photo by Rick Anderson with Bruno Photography,

July 2014 Public Magic Shows

August 2014 Public Magic Shows

September 2014 Public Magic Shows

  • Friday, September 5 – Friday, September 12 I’m performing magic for the Spokane Interstate Fair.  These are strolling performances only (no stage shows), and times are TBA.  Message me if you want to attend and I’ll get more details for you as the event approaches.
  • Saturday, September 13 at 2:00 pm – Tillicum Library
  • Friday, September 19 at 7:00 pm – Si View Science Magic Family Night (North Bend, $10/family admission)

All of the performances listed here are open to the public.  Most are FREE, some require a admission fee or pay parking.  Message me if you’d like more details, or call (360) 412-5064.  Please say hi if you attend! 

If you’re not already, be a fan on Facebook and Twitter for the latest scoop on fun photos, videos, and show photos.

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High School Graduation Party Magician

It happens each year in early June.  I transform into a zombie, becoming a creature of the night and desperately seeking to sleep when the sun rises.  It’s the return of… HIGH SCHOOL GRAD PARTIES!  And, I have to say that high school grads are some of the most fun audiences to perform for anywhere!  Everyone is in a party mood and there to have fun.  They all know each other and have four or eight or more years of inside jokes to sling at each other.

Photos here are from my visits to Hoquiam High School in Grays Harbor County.  It’s my third time performing for their celebration and each time I am super impressed with how much work the parents put into making this event a huge success for their kids.

Next trip:  Forks High School in Clallam County.  Many thanks to Rob at Leapfrog Entertainment as well as the Forks parents.  This was my third consecutive year being part of their Senior Class Party.  Their theme was classic board games, so kids were playing chess, Operation, Twister, you name it.  The Forks parents always do a fantastic job of decorating.  EVERY SINGLE WALL inside the Elks Lodge is covered with blue plastic and outlined in lights, transforming it into some never-never land.  When I arrived, a huge inflatable “cage” was set up with some spirited human sumo-wrestling contests, and other groups were gathered around the mechanical bull.  Those are two great spectator sports!

Me and Luke, my new biggest fan, at the Forks Senior Class Party

Me and Luke, my new biggest fan, at the Forks Senior Class Party

Only one thing can top a magic show, and that’s HYPNOSIS!  Tammy Harris Barton took the stage after me and I know everyone had a blast.  (I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammy and her father, hypnotist Jerry Harris, at many fairs, festivals, and events over the years.)

Connect with me on Google+ to stay up with current news, events, photos, and upcoming public shows.  If you like, please post a review for me, too.

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Amber Lounge 8th Anniversary Party in Seattle

Fun Under the Big Top

Magician Jeff Evans at Amber Lounge in Seattle

Magician Jeff Evans at Amber Lounge in Seattle/photo by Jorge Hernandez

Amber Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Seattle knows how to party.  They celebrated their 8th anniversary with a”big night under the big top!”  Games, roving and stage entertainers, music by two of Seattle’s top DJs, food, drinks, and more!  It was free entry for everyone, and the Belltown bar was packed for hours.  Thanks Jorge Hernandez, official Amber photographer, for sharing these photos.

Thanks to Michael at Clowns Unlimited for booking me for this event.  Amber Lounge, Clowns Unlimited, and Amazement Productions (me!) are all members of BizXchange, a barter organization.  How does barter work?  To simplify it, let’s say a member business wants to throw a staff party at Amber.  They pay for all of their food and drinks with BizX, so Amber now has credits in their BizX account.  Amber then books entertainment (me) through Clowns Unlimited.  Rather than paying cash, they pay with their barter dollars.  Ask me if you’d like more information about barter in Seattle.

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Seattle College Magician Jeff Evans

Michael with Clowns Unlimited made the coolest balloon hats, each one a unique design

Michael with Clowns Unlimited made the coolest balloon hats, each one a unique design

“I owe you a tremendous thank you for coming out and joining us for our event. You were such a hit and so many of the students and staff were still talking about some of the amazing tricks you performed. Thank you so much for being there and hanging out with us.  I will definitely call on you for any other event that we can use your talents for.”
     -Tiffany Sullivan, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
     Student Activities Programmer – Events & Entertainment

I returned for the third time to the Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland (just northeast of Seattle).  Their Mayfest celebration was a “thank you” to students hosted by the Associated Student Government.  It was an awesome afternoon for students, with free BBQ lunch and sandwiches and salads, inflatable games, a mechanical bull, face painting, balloon art, magic, juggling, and more.

A student, Fujita Namiko, took video with her cell phone.  I asked if she could post a clip to my Facebook page.  She agreed, and I forgot about it.  Two days later she shares this video, completely edited and even with magical audio accompaniment.  The bar has been raised:  try and match this, other audiences!

Another new fan, Barry Carter, who posted this quick video to my Facebook page.  I love it when audiences share great video clips from shows!

Mayhem!  Bob Bailey III and a recruit entertain one of the lines.

Mayhem! Bob Bailey III and a recruit entertain one of the lines.

Looking for great entertainment for a college event?  Call Jeff Evans in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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Washington State History Museum

Six museums in the Tacoma Museum District
Host Museum Professionals from Around the World

The Washington State History Museum was part of a collaborative fundraising event where all six museums* in downtown Tacoma each host guests from the American Association of Museums conference for entertainment, food, and museum tours.  The participants will be shuttled to our location and around to the different museums.  There was even a water taxi service taking visitors to the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum.

Tacoma Magician Rick Anderson

Tacoma magician Rick Anderson performs at the Washington State History Museum

*Yes, downtown Tacoma features SIX museums:  the Washington State History Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Children’s Museum of Tacoma, Museum of Glass, Foss Waterway Maritime Museum, and LeMay-America’s Car Museum.  Yeay Tacoma!

The History Museum’s new exhibit is called the “Time Intrusionator.”  It’s a fun, interactive, inquiry-based exhibit through time and history.  Hence, the Museum wanted someone fun and interactive to mingle with their guests.  Kim Ketcham, the Museum’s Communications & Marketing Director, thought of magic, and it was a perfect fit.

Rick Anderson magic

Strolling or roaming magic is ideal for situations where people are mingling, socializing, and enjoying appetizers and beverages

Museum professionals from around the country were here, as well as a few international delegates.  I was impressed to meet delegates from India and Taiwan, as well as a half dozen attendees from the “other” Washington, Washington D.C.

Amazement Productions’ Rick Anderson and Jeff Evans specialize in this close-up style of magic.  If your company or organization is looking for great entertainment in Tacoma or Seattle or beyond, call toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send email to jeff[at]


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Dupont Bunny Breakfast Magic

The Dupont Bunny Breakfast was held in the immaculately neat empty bays of the Dupont Fire Department garage.  I’d like to say that the FD garage is as clean as my kitchen, but it’s not.  Their garage is much cleaner.

Jeff Evans at the Dupont Bunny Breakfast and Magic Show

Jeff Evans at the Dupont Bunny Breakfast and Magic Show

It was a busy day for Amy Walker with the City of Dupont Parks and Recreation Department.  She and other helpers had been up early decorating the Fire Department, and immediately after my show was over they were heading to Powderworks Park to hide some seven thousand eggs.  And it was raining; I bet the kids who went really bagged a lot of goodies!

Fans:  please vote for me in ParentMap Magazine’s online “Golden Teddy Awards.”  Visit and enter “Jeff Evans” for “Best Live Entertainment.” Thank you!

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Portland Magic Jam

The third annual Portland Magic Jam was a success!  Really glad that I took some time off to attend, because it’s always inspirational to get to see the best of the best.  Here are some photos from a fun weekend.

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Festival of Illusions

The Festival of Illusions, a week-long celebration of the art of magic in Lincoln City, Oregon

The Festival of Illusions, a week-long celebration of the art of magic in Lincoln City, Oregon

Where would you expect to find a week-long celebration of the art of magic, Las Vegas or Los Angeles?  Surprisingly, it’s held in the beautiful tourist destination of Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.  The 3rd annual Festival of Magic includes a performance featuring a different guest performer each evening in the Lincoln City Cultural Center.  Washington magicians featured this year included Steve the Pretty Good (Steve Hamilton, who is excellent), Joe Black (magician and hypnotist), and me.

This was spring break for students in the area, so a Magic Camp hosted by Dan “the Magic Man” Roberson were held each morning for kids ages 8 to 18.  I stopped by to talk with the campers about how I got started in magic and performed and taught a magic trick.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center crew!

The Lincoln City Cultural Center crew

A tip of the magic top hat to Lincoln City Cultural Director Niki Price, emcee and entertainment coordinator Laura Green, audio/lighting tech Jeff, Dan “the Magic Man” Roberson, and the volunteers who helped with concession sales, tickets, and seating.  Laura Green “The Juggling Queen” is an experienced performer and long-time member of the International Juggler’s Association.  I’ve read her articles in JUGGLE magazine, and she told me some fun juggling stories about characters she has worked with and seen over the years.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is much more than magic!  Check them out for their latest productions when you’re beach combing the coast of central Oregon or trying your luck at the Chinook Winds Casino.

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