Campus Activities Magician

Jeff Evans has a way of getting big reactions from people. It’s a good habit: this soft-spoken, short-ish, easy smiling magic man does things that violate the laws of physics.


He recently performed as part of the campus activities at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington.

You can't make reactions like this up! Campus activities magician Jeff Evans adds instant fun to this club event at Saint Martins' University in Lacey, Washington.
You can’t make reactions like this up! Campus activities magician Jeff Evans adds instant fun to this club event at Saint Martins’ University in Lacey, Washington.

“Thanks Jeff, for your amazing performance! The students were all SUPER impressed… I firmly believe you should have a yearly/semesterly presence on campus, as the response was overwhelmingly positive.”
-Eric Boyer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations
Saint Martins University

Jeff says, “I grew up playing in the fields around Saint Martin’s University. Later in middle school I attended the Saint Martin’s Summer Hoop Camps. I still live in the Lacey-Olympia area and love seeing the campus when I drive by. This is the only college gig I can do without getting on the freeway, and that’s a nice feeling!”

Campus activities magician Jeff Evans with another satisfied client at St. Martin's University.
Campus activities magician Jeff Evans with another satisfied client at St. Martin’s University.

This show was sponsored by one of the clubs on campus, but admission was free and it was open to all students. As the audience was coming in, Jeff kept students entertained with his short close-up magic with coins, bills, and rubber bands. When it was time for the main event, he stepped onto stage and presented 45 minutes of visual magic, mind-blowing mind reading, and sharp, clean comedy.

To learn more about bringing college magician Jeff Evans to your school or corporate event, call toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send details to jeff[at]

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Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention

The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) holds an annual convention in a different city each year. Typically in the United States or Canada, in April 2019 it was hosted in the Philippines.

PCAM Contest Chair Frank Padilla, PCAM co-President Cecile Torrente, Stage Magic Contest Silver James Ting Pong Ng, and PCAM co-president Raul Fernandez

And what, exactly, happens at a magic convention? Picture your ordinary industry trade show with seminars, classes, speakers, and a dealer show. Then, make it a LOT more fun! Most of the attendees at this convention are either professional entertainers or very, very serious hobbyist magicians. They make their living by being colorful, fun, funny, and spreading amazement.

One of the hallmarks of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians conventions are the contests. Performers can compete in different categories include close-up, platform, comedy, children’s, and stage magic. Competitors know what the judging requirements are in advance. Judging criteria includes items ranging ranging from technical skill to the surprise element to originality and others.

The judges are always past-presidents of the organization or very experienced professional magicians. As this was the first time that the PCAM convention has been held in the Philippines, it was a bit of an unknown how many people would attend the convention and how many competitors there would be. Attendance for the country’s first-ever international magic convention was very good: about 150 magicians attended, and the quality of the magic competitors was incredible. Performers from Thailand, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and of the Philippines performed in the shows and competitons.

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Centralia College Magician Jeff Evans

College magician Jeff Evans and new fans at Centralia College’s Spring Fling event

Centralia College in Lewis County, Washington wanted to bring something interactive, fun, and different to their Spring Fling event on campus. Spring Fling is a week-long series of fun activities happening around the noon hour. ASB leaders saw college magician Jeff Evans perform at a showcase for colleges in the fall at South Puget Sound Community College. They knew he could deliver the perfect surprise for their students.

Centralia College Trailblazers hosted magician Jeff Evans

Jeff says, “College students may be the ideal magic audience. They’re well-educated, sharp, and inquisitive. They love close-up magic because it happens right in front of them; sometimes, in their own hands! Because of this, the students are anxious be part of the experience. Their reactions are off the charts, and for all of those reasons I love visiting colleges.”

College magician Jeff Evans is based in the Seattle, Washington area and performs throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Learn more about bringing Jeff to your college or corporate event at 360-412-5064 or sending e-mail to jeff[at]

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Volunteer Appreciation Banquet Magic

The time and effort many citizens put into making the city a better place was recognized on Wednesday, April 10, as the city of Snoqualmie held its annual volunteer recognition event at the The Club (TPC) at Snoqualmie Ridge.

Seattle corporate magician Jeff Evans entertained for the event recognizing the volunteers – and their families – who contribute so much to the Snoqualmie community

The volunteer recognition event has been an annual city celebration for about a decade, city clerk Jodi Warren said. More than 90 volunteers received recognition for the dedication they put into work for the city.

Magician Jeff Evans invites Audrey McDonald, 4, to the stage to prepare for a magic trick. After the recognition event, Evans performed his routine for the audience of volunteers and their families. Evan Pappas/Staff Photo

“If you count the number of hours that our volunteers put in and the value to the citizens of those hours, this is just a small token to let them know we really appreciate it,” she said.

Volunteers from across the city were recognized for their work as they were called to the stage by Mayor Matt Larson to accept a certificate. Volunteers at the event included representatives of the Arts Commission, Economic Development Commission, Snoqualmie Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service, Lodging Tax Advisory Committee, Human Service Committee, Salary Commission, Shoreline Hearings Board, Parks and Events Commission, Planning Commission, Police Department, Police Explorers program, SEACAST, as well as individuals like historian Dave Battey and Pastor Marty Benedict.

Volunteers also were honored for the length of their volunteer work for the city. All of the volunteers stood up and sat down as the mayor called out years of service. Slowly counting up to more than 10 years of service, people took their seats until there were only three left. Carol Peterson, Gloria McNeely and Duane John received applause for each contributing more than 20 years of volunteer effort to the city. Johnson said he had more than 20 years of volunteer work, while both Peterson and McNeely had contributed to their community for about 40 years.

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2018 Holiday Magic Shows

Corporate holiday party for a repeat client at The Swiss in downtown Tacoma

December 2018 was jam-packed with holiday magic shows for parties throughout western Washington. I was at the Olympia Country and Golf Club for their Santa Breakfast the first three Saturdays in December, one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I first began doing the Santa Breakfasts for the Country Club in 1998. Some of the “kids” who grew seeing me occasionally attend with their family. They now tower over me and are in college or have jobs. Crazy!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, the catering team at the Olympia Country & Golf Club, and me after one of three busy Santa Breakfasts

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is equally busy. Kids are on winter vacation and looking for things to do, so I do several shows for libraries during this time. These shows are always packed, particularly at the Tumwater and Olympia Timberland Libraries. This year The Olympian did a special feature on me in their weekend Entertainment edition which guaranteed standing-room-only crowds. The librarians estimated about 300 people at Olympia and 500 at Tumwater. (I’m not sure how that is even possible, but it was so popular that people were arriving to reserve their spot forty minutes before showtime. Two library staff had to try and keep an aisle clear for patrons to enter and exit the library!)

Mesmerized! Holiday Magic for the Olympia Timberland Library

New Year’s Eve Magic

New Year’s Eve itself included a show for the University Place Library, Great Wolf Lodge (always a happening place, and even more so on this evening), and a private party at the ultimate shop-turned-man-cave late that night.

If you’d like to know about public shows before they happen, be a fan at Contact me direct for details about bringing the magic to your event at jeff[at] or call toll-free (877) 412-5064.

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Client Appreciation Magic Cruise

The Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington drew a lot of views from boat traffic during this client appreciation cruise in Budd Bay, Olympia

The Amazement Productions LLC team of Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson performed on board the tall ships Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington in Budd Bay in Olympia, Washington.  It was part of a client appreciation cruise sponsored by a local financial consultant.  Weather couldn’t have been nicer, and the timing was perfect as it was held on Labor Day and many people were able to attend.  Both ships were full of guests, plus crew, catered box lunches… and beer and wine!

This was a “battle cruise” and the two tall ships left the Port of Olympia under their “iron sails” (motor power), then raised sails and proceeded to tack and turn to maneuver the other boat in their sights to fire a volley of cannons!  It was a real hoot.

Crew provided running commentary about the history of the ships, the method of sailing and purpose of the lines and tackle and various sales.  Amazing fact: there is six miles of line – or rope – on each of the ships.

Magicians Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson were on board performing mingling magic with the guests.  This close-up style of entertainment is ideal for situations ranging from socials and cocktail hours to hospitality suites.  To learn more about adding magic to a social or corporate party, contact Jeff Evans in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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Summer Magic Photos

Summer is Jeff Evans’ busiest season, with events ranging from corporate parties and wedding receptions to libraries and festivals.  Here’s a small sampling of what the 2018 summer looked like in photos.


Be the first to know about upcoming public shows by being a fan at  To learn more about bringing Jeff to your event, call toll-free (877) 412-5064  or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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Client Appreciation Magic Cruise

Each year Jeff Evans performs magic for several client appreciation events… but this is the first time this has included tall ships exchanging cannon volleys in a re-created naval battle!

Amazement Productions LLC’s Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson performed strolling magic on board the Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington. The event took place after the Olympia Harbor Days maritime celebration, so many ships were in the harbor from the festival.  This style of close-up magic is ideal for events ranging from socials to banquets to hospitality suites.  It’s the perfect ice breaker as people are socializing.  Picture this: magic happening in your own hand as you watch as close as you possibly can!  Many people like this style of magic best.

To bring the fun and thrill of magic to your corporate event, call Jeff Evans in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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