Virtual Birthday Party Magician

Everyone has the best-seat-in-the-house with Jeff Evans’ virtual birthday party magic shows

Just because you can’t throw a huge party doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday with friends! Virtual magician Jeff Evans brings his show of amazing magic and clean comedy to you through the magic of Zoom. Now anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer can stop in to wish you happy birthday and enjoy a show.

Invite your friends and gather your family around for an personal magic show with Jeff Evans

Our son loves magic and this year his birthday party was supposed to be a show done by Jeff. However due to Covid and the stay at home order we had to cancel the party. For a 5 year old that literally talks about and plans his birthday party for an entire year…he was of course disappointed but understood as much as a kid his age can. Cue Jeff. He emailed and offered to do a virtual magic show for us instead. We eagerly said yes and surprised our son for his quarantine birthday celebration. It was honestly so amazing. The whole family got to watch and interact with him and it was a blast. His tricks totally blew our minds! It was hands down the highlight of my sons birthday. A really neat bonus is that the whole show was recorded and now we have a keepsake video of the experience. Thank you, Jeff Evans for saving the day! You made one 6 year old boy very happy! This is a great gift option for any kiddo currently celebrating their birthday at home away from their friends and family…or any time for that matter!
-Carly Champoux, North Bend

“This was AWESOME! Who would ever think you can do interactive magic via Zoom??? I saw the AMAZING Jeff Evans do it! I think I kept the Zoom Admin busy by having to clear my clapping all the time!”
     -Valerie King, North Bend

Count on Jeff Evans’ virtual magic show to grab and hold the attention of kids and adults alike

What does a Zoom Birthday Party Magic Show look like?

Here’s how it works: a few days before the party you’ll receive a package in the mail that includes an autographed poster, Jeff’s Magic Tricks and Secrets DVD, and a Jumping Magic Wand. Jeff hosts the party using his professional Zoom account.

The “Zoom Room” opens a half hour before the magic show. Let your party attendees know that this is the perfect time for friends and family to come on and talk, socialize, and say happy birthday to the guest of honor.

“I thought it couldn’t be done, but Jeff’s virtual zoom show was more than fantastic! He was fun, personal with all the attendees, and his magic made you think “how he’d do that?” Wow, what a spectacular hour of entertainment for all ages! I look forward to hiring Jeff again!”
     -Kathy McDonald, Mercer Island

This is your opportunity to invite the 3-time Pacific Coast Association of Magicians “Children’s Magic Champion” to your home

At showtime Jeff appears and gives everyone a couple of recommendations for optimum viewing. Then, everyone switches from Gallery View to Speaker View and a video countdown leads into Jeff Evans’ virtual magic show. There is a ton of interaction, so your child will participate throughout.

Following the Zoom show, your child receives a personal lesson on how to bring the “Jumping Magic Wand” to life.

The Zoom show is recorded just for you, so you can share the experience with friends who couldn’t attend, or relive the memory of the party years later.

To learn more about scheduling your virtual birthday party magic show, call Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]