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I just returned from the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in San Diego.  Ironically I left sunny Seattle for an overcast San Diego.  But the weather was comfortable and the magic was sizzling!  I attend a couple of conventions each year, but this was my first IBM convention.  Though I’d seen many of the lecturers before, I picked up new insights from listening to them. 

My friend Shawn Farquhar was there lecturing and it’s always a blast listening to his stories and seeing him perform. 

I felt that the quality of the competitions was perhaps the best I’d ever seen.  Performers came from England, Sweden, Japan, China, South Korea, New Zealand, and all over.  It was so much fun seeing top manipulators and sleight of hand artists performing on a beautiful stage with professional sound and lighting. 

I’m fully energized and motivated to take my magic to the next level!

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