Washington State Fair Association

Nearly each October since 2000 I’ve been part of the Washington
State Fair Association
. It’s an opportunity for fair managers and directors to
come together, reflect on their attendance and promotions for their fair, and
make plans for next season.

The tradeshow portion gives vendors and performing artists a chance to showcase
what we do, and it’s always full of fun and strange people.  I walked around the
tradeshow floor and captured a few of my friend’s booths.  

There were some real highlights that would have been wonderful captured on
video; the industrial laser show done to music in the banquet hall. Piano
virtuoso Brady Goss and beatboxer Bronkar Lee improvising their showcase and
receiving a standing ovation. The nightly jam sessions hosted by John Dunnigan,
Marty Davis, and others. It’s a very fun group of people, and nice having the
time to talk with the other performers that we normally run into but don’t have
time to chat with in the middle of a busy summer schedule.

If you’re planning a
festival or fair
, please check out my website
www.countyfairmagic.com.  Or,
call me in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff@countyfairmagic.com. 
Already on my calendar for August 2011: 

  • Pierce County Fair in Graham (3rd consecutive year)
  • Grant County Fair in Moses Lake (4th year, after a hiatus of three
  • Klickitat County Fair in Goldendale (looking forward to visiting a
    new city)



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