Halloween Magic Shows

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  I used to decorate my room and put on a mini “haunted house” for my brother and friends.  After I was too old to trick-or-treat I had almost as much fun rigging up jokes and gags for kids visiting my house for Halloween.  Now I look at the Youtube videos of people who decorate their houses and synchronize lights to Halloween music and am blown away.

Each year I get to perform for several Halloween parties.  Last Friday I performed for CRG Events in Seattle, then headed to Lacey for a Family Night at Horizons Elementary.  CRG is an event and meeting planning company and they work with tons of corporate clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Several of the staff brought in their young kids, and I was impressed with how many of the employees dressed in elaborate costumes.  (That’s the sign of a cool company!)

Saturday it was Justus’ birthday party in Lacey and then to White Center for the Halloween Carnival sponsored by the King County Parks and Recreation.  It’s my third consecutive year performing for the Carnival, and Darlene and her crew always do a fantastic job of decorating.  It was great seeing so many people in the community coming and participating.

The evening finished off in Ocean Shores for the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino’s Halloween and costume party bash.  I got to see a ton of great costumes.  I especially like the original ones that you need to look at and think about for a second to “get it.”  The most unusual was the “chicken lady.”  Wonder if she’s giving out Peeps at her house?  Hope she doesn’t get egged, that would be fowl.  (Sorry, too easy!)

Have a spooky and fun Halloween…

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