Seattle Barter Magician

Annual Conventions are More Fun with Magic

Itex (International Trade Exchange) holds their annual meeting in a different city each year.  This year it was held at the Red Lion Hotel on 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle.  Between 100 – 150 trade directors and brokers from Florida to Maine to Texas to Washington.  I’ve been an Itex member since 1998 so it was neat for me to finally get to meet some of the corporate leaders whose names I’ve heard over the years.

Business is Better with Barter

Obviously I’m a fan of barter.  I’ve bought everything from printer cartridges to video production services to a large fiberglass greenhouse.  In 2008 I joined the BizXchange, or BizX, and in 2009 I joined Saturn Barter.  Several trade directors asked about travel to their area.  My act is flight-friendly, I have my passport, and can fly from Seatac International Airport for events.  No live animals or pyrotechnics are used in my show, so traveling and shipping cases is not an issue.

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