Tacoma Middle School Magic

I’ve performed for a couple of events at Giaudrone Middle School in Tacoma over the past year; one for a staff retreat, the other for an ASB leadership event.  There are fewer opportunities at the middle school/junior high/high school level for “just for fun” assemblies.  However, when the situation comes up, remember that young adults love magic done right!

“Jeff Evans was invited to perform for an event sponsored by our ASB.  His audience was eighty 6th – 8th grade middle schoolers, who can be a difficult crowd.  He wowed them with his fantastic magic show and especially with his up close and personal tricks.  His performance was one of the highlights of our evening.”
-Bob Gatbunton, ASB Advisor, Giaudrone Middle School

Poem created for me by Giaudrone ASB students

I’ve NEVER received a custom poem, so this really made my day!  If you’re familiar with my show, you will see several elements from my show in the lyrics.  Very cool!

Learn more about my assembly programs for middle schools and high school graduation parties at at www.amazementproductions.com/jeff.html.

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