Klickitat County Fair

This is the weather I want for summer! Goldendale, Washington was a perfect mid-70s with just a slight breeze to keep things comfy for the 69th annual Klickitat County Fair.  I wouldn’t trade western Washington for anything, but I love visiting places like Goldendale each year for my “eastern Washington” hit.  The geography driving along the Columbia River is unbelievable.  Looking over at the kite- and windsurfers along the Gorge and Dalles areas was thrilling.

There’s one more chance to see me (and my buddy, juggler-physical comedian Alex Zerbe) at a county fair.  We’ll be in Cashmere (Wenatchee) for the Chelan County Fair September 7 and 8, 2012.  And, the weather there is always beautiful, too!

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