Convention Banquet Magician

If you’ve seen colorful little parakeets kept as pets, it’s a good chance that you’re looking at a budgerigar. Commonly called budgies, these birds come in colors ranging from electric blue to deep purple to neon pink. I just performed at the Longview-Kelso Red Lion for the Washington Budgerigar Society. Interestingly, people came from all over (two couples from Victoria, BC, over a dozen from California, even some east coast bird owners, etc.).  Thanks to Ginny at the Red Lion Hotel for the referral!

If you’re planning a convention or conference ranging from Portland to Seattle and are looking for an entertainer who appeals to all ages, arrives on time, dressed sharp, guaranteed – call magician Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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