Nisqually Tribe Elder Banquet

Each year the Nisqually Indian Tribe invites their elders as well as elders from other tribes throughout the Pacific Northwest to attend a feast with ceremonies and entertainment. It was my first time performing in the Nisqually’s beautiful Youth Center. It’s a huge venue! Being a gym the acoustics aren’t the best, but it was easily able to accommodate the nearly 400 people who attended the different activities throughout the day.  (It was magic that they had enough food for everyone, as it was many more people than had reserved a space in advance!)

Thank you to Nicole for arranging to have me perform, and to Bill and Farron who helped by setting up a stage so that everyone at the back could see, as well as letting me visit the Youth Center a few days in advance so I could check out the space and plug into the sound system.  Another successful Gigmasters show!

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