Saturn Barter Trade Show

Business is better with barter! I joined my first barter organization, Itex, in about 1997. Today I also belong to the BizXchange (BizX) and Saturn Barter organizations.  This past year I’ve bought, or “traded”, for items ranging from ink for my printer to service for my heater to a greenhouse where I grow vegetables!

How Barter Works

Clients of a barter exchange use Trade Dollars or Trade Credits, instead of cash to handle their transactions. For example, if a barter exchange client sells $1000 worth of products to another client, they will receive $1000 in Trade Dollars/Credits credited to their barter account. These Trade Dollars/Credits can then be used to purchase from the other barter exchange clients within their network.

Saturn Barter hired me to perform strolling magic for their trade show in Tacoma. I’m impressed with how many active members Saturn Barter has put together. And, since they primarily focus on the Thurston/Pierce/King county area, this means lots of trading partners. Yeay!

Want to learn more? Click on a link to learn more about Itex, BizX, or Saturn Barter. Ask me if you’d like more information.  And, if you’re a member of one of these organizations, visit my webpage to learn more about making your next party or event more fun with magic… while saving your cash!

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