Client Appreciation Events

Each year I perform for several client appreciation nights throughout Washington and Oregon.  I was recently interviewed on this subject by for an article by Brenda Spandrio.

As Brenda was asking me questions about trends in companies hosting these types of events, I remembered a strange situation that came up a couple of months ago.  A local Public Utility District had hired me to entertain for a staff retreat.  The woman who arranged it later had to cancel and apologize because “It’s just been brought to our attention that [a magician] doesn’t fall under the ‘Public Accountability Test’ for this meeting’s purpose.”

I totally understand; local governments are cutting back everywhere, and hiring entertainment could look bad.  Yet, even government workers deserve to have a little fun!  And, next week I’m meeting with a state office to discuss their annual party.  Read the full article by Brenda Spandrio here.

Last night I entertained for a client appreciation night hosted by Integrated Financial Services of Gig Harbor.  Gary, the owner, has held many of these events in the past.  (This is my third time being part of one of their events!)

Obviously Gary understands the value of attracting and keeping quality clients.  And, he leverages his current clients who are welcome to bring a friend.  Everyone who attends fills out a questionnaire that helps Gary and his team do their best in managing their needs as well as growing his client base.  Way to go!



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