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It’s difficult finding entertainment to fit a wide range of ages. Picture this: you’re planning a birthday party for a 60th or 80th birthday party.  It’s a special occasion, and family and friends will be on hand to celebrate. This means all ages; kids, grandchildren, maybe great-grandchildren. There will be reminiscing and a delicious meal with a birthday cake. But how do you keep them entertained?  You definitely don’t want the little cousins running amok, destroying your home…

Performing magic for mixed ages is my specialty.  (C’mon, you knew this was coming!)  My show is always squeaky clean and family friendly, and my comedy works on different levels. While kids laugh at the visual aspect, adults get the puns, etc.

“Jeff is great for everyone – little children and adults sat and watched, enjoyed and participated…. You were a giant hit – you are like a Pixar movie – an adult level of humor mixed in with a child’s humor.”
-Lori Matlock, Director, Northeast Washington Fair

Yesterday I performed for a dual-75th birthday party in Bellevue; today, a 70th birthday party in Olympia. One party was held at the upscale Overlake Golf and Country Club in Medina; the other at a beautiful home in Olympia.  Both groups had invited their kids and grandkids for the special occasion, and doing it right after Thanksgiving was a great idea because family was in town for the holiday.

Jeff Evans was the featured entertainment for my husband’s 70th birthday party and it was a terrific show!  My husband and I,  our three children and their spouses and our ten grandchildren were completely mesmerized!  It was an hour of unbelievable non-stop magic which most often involved one of us as assistant down to the youngest child.  We were constantly saying “how did he do that?’ and “I don’t believe it!”.  Best of all we laughed a lot.  Jeff could be a standup comic as he ran a delightful monologue of humor appealing to children as well as adults all the while  performing incredible magic.   At the end he made elaborate balloon hats for each grandchild and was very generous with his time.  We will recommend Jeff Evans  to everyone we know.  His show is appropriate for all ages.  Our group ranged from 71 to 6 and we all agreed it was one of the best times we have  had together and well worth the cost!  Thanks, Jeff, for a wonderful show!
-Nancy B., Olympia, WA

It’s interesting, but teens and adults frequently assume that magic shows are just for kids.  I know this because they’ll sit far away from the action or, better, stand in the hallway for an easy escape.  And, I don’t blame them!  There are a lot of sub-par magicians, and no one wants to be held captive while they could be socializing or eating or watching the game.

Because of this, I always include plenty of strong, amazing magic that teens and grown-ups can talk and wonder about later.  I’m in the unique position of being able to see the reactions on people’s faces.  I know I’m doing my job when at one minute into my show these skeptics are laughing, at two minutes there is a look of astonishment, and at three minutes they’re blown away and have moved to the front of their seat because they are GLUED to everything that is happening.  I can’t count the number of times people tell me, “Usually we don’t like magicians, but we loved you!”

Whether you’re planning a 50th birthday party or a 40th wedding anniversary, I can help make it one that everyone – kids and adults – will enjoy and remember long afterwards.  Call me in Olympia at (360) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]amazementproductions.com.  Visit my website for more info about my magic shows for parties in western Washington.

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