Portland Banquet & Event Magician

Fundraiser with a Touch of Magic
at the Portland Tiffany Center

I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different businesses and industries.  Yesterday I entertained for the SIGN Fracture Care Magic and Masquerade gala fundraiser at the Tiffany Center in downtown Portland.

This was my first time performing at the Tiffany Center.  It’s a historic building in the heart of downtown Portland with a lot of character.  Featuring traditional charm & elegance with two expansive ballrooms with gilded mirrors, gleaming hardwood floors & emerald green accents, the Tiffany Center is an elegant location for any banquet or event.

Thanks to Susan Adkins and Class Act Event Coordinators for recommending me.  Susan and her team can handle everything from event decor to working with caterers to registrations and more.  Shasta Meyers, Fund Development for SIGN Fracture, left the following wonderful review on LinkedIn:

“Jeff was was an absolutely amazing performer at our 2013 Portland Benefit for SIGN Fracture Care International. We received numerous praises about his excellent comedy and magic. He played a vital role in making this event a huge success. We were able to raise just under $100,000. We would definitely recommend him to others. In fact, we may just ask him to perform for us again!”
-Shasta Meyers, Fund Development and Event Coordinator
SIGN Fracture Care International

The evening’s theme was “Magic and Masquerade” and many of the guests were dressed for the occasion.  I mingled with guests performing close-up magic during the social hour/silent auction, which is always a great way for me to get to meet my audience and mentally select helpers for later on that evening.  Doing this pre-show work paid off, as I had fantastic volunteers help out in my comedy magic show following dinner.

SIGN Fracture Helps
the World Walk

In many parts of the world, fractures often go untreated, leading to permanent disability and long-term hardships for the injured and their families. The majority of the accidents affect the working poor. These people have limited access to education, so they generally have jobs like farming, rickshaw driver, factory worker, or seamstress, all of which require fully functioning arms, hands and legs. With more than 50% of the world’s population sustaining on less than $2 per day, a disabled family member who cannot work may drag the entire family further into poverty for many generations.

SIGN Fracture helps the victims of orthopaedic injuries throughout the developing world. (They’re in 55 countries!)  They provide training and state-of-the-art tools (nails, screws, drills, splints, etc.) for surgeons to use in their area.  This gives the working poor an equal opportunity to receive modern effective orthopaedic treatment.

To learn more about bringing clean comedy and amazing magic to your corporate event in the greater Portland to Seattle area, call Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff@amazementproductions.com.

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