Seattle Chamber of Commerce Tradeshow

Small and large businesses invaded CenturyLink Field Events Center for the annual Seattle Metropolitan Chamber‘s B2B Expo, their annual tradeshow. It was great seeing friends, clients, and clients who are friends. Clowns Unlimited always brings fun toys. Last year I went indoor rock climbing, and this year it was the Gravitron.

Free rides, free food, can it get any better?

Yes! For several years now, BizXchange has been the presenting sponsor. BizX is a barter organization that I belong to, and they always do a great job of highlighting not only what the organization does, but also showcasing many of their member businesses.  Special thanks to Austin with BizX who took and shared this video when I stopped by their “BizX Perks” table.

What is barter?  At it’s most basic level, it is exchanging goods or services between two people without using cash.  For instance, I perform magic for an event for a printing company, and they in turn produce banners for me.  The tricky part is that this is a 1:1 trade, and it’s difficult to arrange direct barter deals like this.  Here’s where the barter exchange shines:  I perform magic for anyone who belongs to the barter system.  I receive barter dollars for this service, and can turn around and use these barter dollars to do business with any other member of the barter system.

If you’re in the greater King county area, or do business in the greater Seattle area, I highly recommend taking a look at BizXchange.  Learn more about how magic shows and barter work together.

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