Girlscout Summer Camp Magic

I was supposed to talk with SuperGirl about where to set up for my magic shows.  SuperGirl- and her sidekick, Pickles – aren’t your everyday camp leaders. Then again, entertaining four hundred Girlscouts isn’t my typical audience!  But they were really attentive, and huge magic fans.

I performed for the Western Washington Girlscouts Summer Camp at Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish. I did two back-to-back performances so the girls could be split into two groups, which was smart. Being that today was the last day of the week-long camp, I got to see some of the art projects they made during the week, heard them singing camp songs, and more. All of the kids choose a “camp name”. They decided I would be “Magic Guy”, which was better than some of the other options kids were floating around!

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