Saturn Barter Magic in Seattle

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful for an evening on the shore of Lake Union.  Obviously a lot of people agreed, as the water was filled with vessels ranging from rented kayaks to multi-million dollar yachts.  Apparently every Tuesday sailboats take to the Lake, and they were out in force.  Watching them was a literal parade of colors and designs as they smoothly floated past.

Over a hundred Saturn Barter members attended to socialize, enjoy great food and drink, and make new business connections.  The Electric Boat Company provided the venue and boats, and they were hugely popular.  Picture yourself piloting your own boat around Lake Union with up to nine of your friends.  That’s right, YOU rent and drive the boat, it’s not operated by a tour guide.

The boats are easy to operate and move faster than you’d think.   They are equipped with two tables, a CD player/IPod Jack and sound system and plush leather seats.  Everything was opened up as it was a warm and sunny evening, but they can also be fully enclosed and heated for the “other” Seattle we all know.

I’m a big fan of organized barter.  Just this past weekend I hired Oshea’s Catering of Tacoma using my Saturn Barter dollars.  They delivered baked beans, corn on the cob, and scrumptious barbecue chicken that made my party easy and delicious.  Learn more about Saturn Barter online or feel free to contact me if you have any questions about whether it may be right for your business.

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