Sweet 16 Birthday Party

High school students love magic! I performed close-up magic for Jordan’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party in Puyallup.  Her parents transformed the Linden Golf Course banquet room into a party room.  Kids were playing Twister, getting dressed up for the Photobooth, eating pizza and chocolate, and in general having a blast.

I think the attraction of close-up magic is that most entertainment people take in these days either happens on a screen (TV/movie/youtube/smart phone) or far away (sports field/auditorium/stage).  Everyone has seen magic before, but let’s face it, you kind of wonder what you’d really see if you were right there, just a few inches away.  That’s the secret of really good close-up magic, the audience can be as close as they want – take the cards or coins or props in their own hands and examine the them – and the impossible still happens, right under their noses!

Jordan's Sweet 16 Party

Jordan’s Sweet 16 Party

I can custom-design a show for your group.  On the same day as Jordan’s 16th birthday party, I also performed my motivational-magic school assembly for an elementary in Lynnwood and entertained for an annual member appreciation party for the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound in Bellevue.  To learn more, call me in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]amazementproductions.com.

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