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Julian performs magic for friends

Julian performs magic for friends

It’s easy to buy magic tricks, but hard to perform them so they entertain.  That’s the dilemma that my partner, Rick Anderson, and I wanted to solve when we created our Magic Show in a Box magic kits.  Our set includes all of the props along with a DVD that teaches both how the tricks work and, more importantly, how to perform the tricks to create a magic performance.

We got the package today!  Julian was very excited and is now watching your first video (for the 100th time! ha ha!).  I’m going to save the second video (the one you sent) for his birthday in December.  Here are some photos from the Halloween magic show.  They were amazed by the tricks!  He did the coin penetration, penny to dime, and tree card monte.
-Marcia in Pullman, Washington

My Magic Tricks and Secrets video course in magic is ideal for anyone interested in learning the art of magic.  The two professionally produced DVDs include everything from impromptu magic to tricks that will require some dedication and practice.  Though kids can learn them, they’re not just for kids – particularly volume 2.  View the demo video clips and order online from www.magictricksandsecrets.com.

If you live in southwest Washington, I periodically instruct magic workshops for kids through parks and recreation departments.  To learn more, send me an e-mail or call 360-412-5064.

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