Tacoma Fundraising Magic Show

Lowell Elementary in Tacoma
Raises $1,500 with Magic Show

Hundreds of kids and parents attended Lowell Elementary's Family Night Magic Show with Jeff Evans

Hundreds of kids and parents attended Lowell Elementary’s Family Night Magic Show with Jeff Evans

The Lowell Elementary Kindergarten Assistant Fund raises money each year to help pay for assistants to help with their kindergarten program.  They do several fund raising activities throughout the year, and one of them was hosting my Amazement Magic Show.  Over two hundred kids and parents – both from Lowell as well as other guests – attended and packed the gymnasium.  Hard to believe, but I first performed for Lowell Elementary way back in 1998.

In addition to selling tickets, the school earned money at the event by selling goodies to eat and having a whole table full of easy-to-do magic tricks that I provided.  I demonstrated a couple of my favorite items from the stage so kids could see them in action.

The Lowell Elemetnary PTA sells magic tricks following the show

They also had a fun contest that led up to the show:  kids and teachers could vote on the person they wanted to see have their hand chopped off during my magic show!  Mrs. Hanni (teacher) and Mrs. Rossman (principal) were brave to, um, raise their hand and volunteer for this, but ultimately 5th grader Ted won and had the “honor” of being part of the mayhem.  Ted was awesome, and, of course, everyone laughed and “gave him a hand” at the end.  Read tips on hosting school assembly programs – and earning money from fundraisers like this – by reading my School Assembly Handbook.

Who is going to have their hand chopped off?!?

Who is going to have their hand chopped off?!?

Call me toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]amazementproductions.com to learn more about my Family Night Magic Shows for schools



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