90th Birthday Party Magic

“Who is your target audience?”  My marketing teacher drove this message home when I attended community college in Tacoma.  “You need a laser-like focus.  You have to understand that not everyone is your ideal client.”

This weekend I finally locked it down:  my target audience is people between the ages of 4 and 90 years old who celebrate a birthday sometime during the year.  If you fit my market demographics, read on…

Evan's 4th birthday party at Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor in Lacey

Evan’s 4th birthday party at Dirty Dave’s Pizza Parlor in Lacey

I apologize if you were at Dirty Dave’s Pizza Parlor in Lacey hoping for a quiet lunch on a recent Sunday afternoon.   Holding the attention of a pack of rambunctious, chocolate cake-fueled kids at a birthday party is not easy.  Normally I recommend my shows for slightly older kids, but they were fascinated and totally involved in the magic.

Max's 90th birthday party in Puyallup

Max’s 90th birthday party in Puyallup

Max and his wife, Mildred, met me when I performed for one of their friend’s 80th birthday parties about five years ago.  Mildred then hired me for her 80th celebration a few years back.  Now, when it was time for Max to celebrate his 90th, they called me again!  Both are super people, and still as sharp as a tack.  Max was there to help me bring my equipment in, and Mildred tried several times to get me to eat cake and ice cream 🙂

Regardless of age, audiences want the same thing.  People love to be amazed, laugh, and have fun.  We want that sense of wonder.

Sure, details change.  Instead of helpers like Shawn and Colton, Dorothy and Mildred were part of the show.  (Mildred goes by “Milli.”  As in Milli Vanilli, I guess.  Hey, I grew up in the 90s, I’m not in my 90s!)


That’s what I forgot to bring – a RECORD!

Technology has changed, too.  The cabinet on the stereo at the Clubhouse was open and I glanced over as I was setting up.  I had to snap a photo.  Looks like the same day that Max was celebrating his birthday, the phonograph player was celebrating 90 years, too!

Whether you’re planning a 40th, 50th, 70th, 80th, 90th, or – hey, I’ve never performed for a 100th birthday celebration.  That’s my target audience now.

Spread the word, and book now for your 100th birthday celebration!  I’m collecting a hefty, non-refundable deposit in advance…

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