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Parties are more fun with magic!

And, more affordable with BizX*.

"Client of the Year" Alex in his [rented] Lamborghini

“Client of the Year” Alex in his [rented] Lamborghini

Alex and Denise receive my award for “Client of the Year.”  Alex first hired me for a fundraising event in Bellevue at the church they attend over a year ago.  Since then, he and his wife, Denise, have hired me for three other parties at their home in Issaquah; one a block-party for their neighborhood, another a Christmas party, and this one for Denise’s birthday celebration.  They throw the most amazing parties, treat their vendors like friends, and their friends like VIPs.

*Are they super-wealthy, and blowing tends of thousands of dollars each time they celebrate?  Nope – they are member of the BizXchange and Saturn Barter organizations and are masters of using barter dollars as part of their businesses!  Learn more about how  barter works by clicking one of the links above.  Barter is not new – in fact, it predates money transactions – but many businesses aren’t aware of how powerful it can be and how it works with your cash business.  I’ve been a member of barter organizations since about 1997 and highly recommend it.

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans in Issaquah

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans in Issaquah

Last December I was blown away when I drove into the neighborhood and saw their home lit up like Candy Cane Lane.  Alex had thousands of bulbs over the house, trees, and yard, all connected to electronic controllers like you see on YouTube videos.  They hired horse-drawn carriage rides and all of their guests and anyone in the neighborhood was invited to ride.

Last weekend Games2U provided a mobile gaming station and laser tag game.  Clowns Unlimited set up a huge inflatable ride in the driveway.  (Both are great organizations, and I ran into them both the week before at high school grad parties.)  And, they even rented a LAMBORGHINI for the day!  (Love the sound of that engine.)  Best of all, every one of these companies – including the delicious catering and bar – are barter members!

Denise is an amazing singer, Alex plays guitar (and more), and they put together an incredible band featuring Steppenwolf guitarist Glen Bui.  Seeing and hearing them perform live was awesome!  I performing strolling magic throughout the evening plus a stand-up show for the whole group in between sets by the band.  Not sure how they’re going to top this, but I know they will!

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans for Denise's ?? birthday party in Issaquah

Mingling magic with Jeff Evans for Denise’s ?? birthday party in Issaquah

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