Winlock Egg Days Magic

Winlock Egg Days-Jeff EvansWinlock is a small town south of Chehalis in Lewis County.  I do a couple of events there a year, ranging from programs for the Winlock Timberland Library to assemblies for the elementary school.  I’ve also performed for the Winlock High School Senior Class Party, the Senior Center (as in senior citizens!), the Winlock Lions Club, and private parties.

The Winlock Egg Days celebration has been happening since 1937, but this was my first time being part of it.  Two thumbs way up for a small-town event that people really get behind and support!  I arrived about half-way through the parade, and was impressed to see so many people lining the streets to see it go by.  There was actually a traffic jam and parking was impossible to find, which has to be a rare situation in the downtown.

“We had nothing but positive comments and hope we can keep having entertainers of your quality for return engagements of our small town’s events.   You held the attention of kids and adults alike, and we will happily recommend you for other functions…  I knew in my heart that you would be a good fit for us and you proved it many times over.  Great show!!!”
-Nettie Jungers, Festival Coordinator

“You were a huge hit in Winlock! My grandson can’t stop talking about all your magic! I hope Winlock Egg Day plans to ask if you’ll come back. So much fun!
 -Barbara Lewis, Winlock

Winlock obviously has a lot of 12th man spirit, too.  Always nice seeing Seahawks green and blue!

The "World's Largest Egg" in Winlock, Washington has a distinctly "hawkish" appearance

The “World’s Largest Egg” in Winlock, Washington takes on a hawkish appearance to commemorate the Super Bowl champs.

Egg Days Director Nettie gets the party started at the Winlock Community Center

Egg Days Director Nettie gets the party started at the Winlock Community Center

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