Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention

2014 PCAM Convention
Vancouver, British Columbia

Gregory Wilson's pickpocket brought down the house!

Gregory Wilson’s pickpocket brought down the house!

My first Pacific Coast Association of Magicians convention was held in Calgary, Alberta in 2997.  (I won the “Bag of Tricks” competition!)  It’s become my favorite annual convention since then, as I think I’ve attended each year except one.  (See my reports from the 2013 PCAM in Burbank, California and the 2012 PCAM in Seattle, Washington.)

It’s always nice to step back from my busy summer performance schedule to see what other top pros and amateur performers are doing, sharpen the blade, and get inspired.  And boy, is it inspirational seeing what other performers are doing!

This year’s convention was held in Coquitlam, just outside of Vancouver, B.C.  Typically there are a several performers brought in to perform and lecture.  This year my favorites were Dan Harlan (close-up, stand-up, and rubber band magic) and Gregory Wilson (stand-up comedy, close-up sleights of hand, and a hilarious pickpocket act).

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