Thornewood Castle

It’s not every day that you get to visit an authentic castle.  Thornewood Castle in Lakewood isn’t just rare, it’s one-of-a-kind:  In 1907, Mr. Thorne purchased a 400-year-old  Elizabethan manor in England and had it dismantled and shipped, brick by brick, from England to be reconstructed on the shores of American Lake.

One of my magic audiences for the evening

One of my magic audiences for the evening

I was hired to perform magic for a double birthday:  Rob turning 50 and Dr. Roy celebrating his 80th birthday. 
Rob’s wife, Paige, lives in California and did a marvelous job planning the whole event from out of town.  My job was entertaining guests as they were socializing, enjoying food and drink, and exploring the marvelous mansion and the grounds.  (A tough job, but someone has to do it!)

“My nieces were so excited when I shared with them my plan to have Jeff perform at a recent birthday party. They had seen him at local school and library events. He delivered on that excitement! Jeff’s strolling/close-up magic was the perfect addition to the party. Both kids and adults were amazed and continued talking about his tricks after the party. He was very entertaining — Lots of smiles and laughter in the groups he engaged. As the party planner, I can add he was also very professional, punctual and super easy to work with.”
-Paige Olson, California
Read this review and others online.

My audiences ranged from kids about 8 years old to guests in their 80s.  And, I had a blast with them all!  One of the great things about magic done well is that it truly spans all ages. Although I can’t experience that wonder myself, I love seeing the reactions on people’s faces as they feel that moment of astonishment.  

Click here to learn more about my performances for 50th birthday parties and, yes, 80th birthday parties.  (What can I say, they’re my target demographic!)

To learn more about adding interactive entertainment to make your birthday celebration or wedding reception fun and unforgettable, call me, Jeff Evans, in Olympia at (360) 412-5064 or toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

"I was giddy just driving my Maserati up to the front entrance..."  Jeff Evans

“I was giddy just driving my Maserati up to the front entrance…” Jeff Evans

History is fascinating, and one visit to the Thornewood Castle and you’ll want to know how this piece of England came to land just south of Tacoma.  The following information comes from Thornewood’s website,

Chester Thorne (1863-1927) collected materials from across the British Isles to build his home, transported by three ships down the Atlantic around Cape Horn (the southernmost point of South America) and back up the Pacific to Washington State.

Family and friends celebrating two special birthdays

Family and friends celebrating two special birthdays

What has

  • over 27,000 square feet of living space…
  • boasts 54 rooms…
  • including 22 bedrooms…
  • and 22 baths?

Aw, how’d you know? 

In addition to the immense size and scale of the Thornewood Castle, it houses a priceless collection of rare artwork.  Hand-painted glass surrounded by panes of crystal mounted in windows make sunlight dance in vivid colors throughout the estate.  Created in the 15th to 17th centuries, they were previously owned by an English duke who spent 40 years collecting the chards and panels of lost art.

I wonder if my friend Leif David will read this?  He claims that his Google Alerts settings notifies him when he’s mentioned online.  We’ll find out if he posts a note to my blog!

If only these walls could talk...

If only these walls could talk…

The staircase as well as the doors were hand-hewn from 500-year-old ancient English oak and are held together by wood dowels.  Beautifully sculpted fountains, located in the circular drive and sunken gardens, are the focal points of our statuary collection, which includes many pieces, including the “Kingsale Hounds,” the only pair of these statues in the United States.

So much history here, really a pleasure just sightseeing in this amazing mansion

So much history here, really a pleasure just sightseeing in this amazing mansion

Remember, this is also a Bed and Breakfast.  The suites are luxuriously appointed and elegantly decorated, filled with antiques and historical pieces. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind event venue at

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