Issaquah Grand Ridge Manor

Grand Ridge at night

Grand Ridge Manor illuminated at night as misty fog rolls in

Last night I performed strolling and stand-up magic at The Grand Ridge in Issaquah.  I visit a lot of different venues throughout the year, but this was a new one for me, and a nice surprise!  It’s very close to I-90, but feels miles way.  A gated entry and long paved drive leads to a secluded country estate overlooking acres of manicured grass, trees, water features, wetlands, and more.

Former equestrian center in Issaquah shines as a wedding and event venue

Issaquah’s Grand Ridge shines as a wedding and event venue

Originally an equestrian estate, now the 36 acres is a full-time event and venue for special events.  As I drove up I thought, “this must be really popular for wedding and receptions”, and yes – that is their forte.  They also host corporate retreats, holiday parties, private events, and more.  Learn more about Grand Ridge at

Guests rocking out with the band fronted by Steppenwolf guitarist Glen

Guests rocking out with the band including Steppenwolf guitarist Glen Bui & vocalist Denise Craciun

St. Katherine Orthodox Church hosted me – and the fantastic band with my friends Alex, Denise, Glen, and company – for their fundraising campaign to build or buy a new building.

A huge thank you to Alex and Denise who have hired me for FIVE performances this past year and a half.  (Check out what they did for Denise’s fabulous birthday party at their home in Issaquah.)  It’s no wonder that they’ve earned the coveted distinction of Clients of the year!

Whether you’re planning a private party for a few special friends in your home or a gala event for hundreds, my blend of clean comedy and interactive magic can make it fun and unforgettable.  Call Jeff Evans in Olympia toll-free 877-412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]


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