Festival of Illusions

The small coastal town of Lincoln City, Oregon is known for it’s beaches, sand, kites, and touristy downtown with lots of small neat shops.  It is also the unlikely location for one of the few week-long magic festivals in the world:  the Festival of Illusions.

Lincoln City Cultural Center signThis year’s performers included Joe Black, Henrik Bothe, Steve Hamilton, Jeff Evans, and Louie Foxx.  The week is held during spring break, so many families are vacationing in the area.  (Lincoln City is home to the Chinook Winds Casino, a golf course, Devil’s Lake, and lots of recreational activities.)  A two hour “Magic Class” was held each morning hosted by “Cha-Cha the Clown” (Gina Wollrabe).

Ably emceeing and acting as “coordinator of fun” for all of the shows and activities was Laura Green “the Juggling Queen”.  After the Friday morning magic workshop, the kids had an opportunity to perform on stage.  I wasn’t able to stay for that, but know that kids had magic, juggling, clown, and circus-arts skits planned.

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