Tacoma Ford Grand Opening Magic

Magician Jeff Evans performs his custom "Car-Card Trick" featuring Ford vehicles for the Titus-Will Ford Grand Re-Opening

Magician Jeff Evans performs his custom “Car-Card Trick” featuring Ford vehicles for the Titus-Will Ford Grand Re-Opening

“Jeff was amazing! Our crowd loved him. He moved around the facility doing sleight of hand tricks for the guests and they loved it. Every time I saw a large clump of people together I knew Jeff was in the middle of the group – they flocked to him. I have used him twice for events and would love the opportunity to use him again!”
-Jody Fetters, Titus-Will Ford/Toyota/Scion, Tacoma

Titus-Will Ford of Tacoma celebrated their grand re-opening with style.  This is not your typical dealership.  The showroom is spacious with huge, vaulted ceilings.  Walls of windows let in a lot of natural light.  The customer service lounge and “Cafe 38” look more like an upscale hotel than a waiting room for people having their car serviced.  The service bays are gleaming white and state-of-the-art.

The Vice President of Sales from Ford flew in from Detroit and spoke for the occasion.  His message really reflected something that I experienced when performing for the Northwest Ford Truck Association’s conference in Portland:  the cars and trucks are quality and cutting edge, but the relationships with people are always job #1.

Especially impressive is how long employees stay with Titus-Will.  I spoke with several people who have been there for ten or twenty or more years.  That only happens when you run a great business and treat people right.  I met one couple who had both been working at Titus-Will Ford since about 1998 and later married.  Another gentleman started working for the company when he was nineteen years old and worked for Titus-Will for over two decades.  Now he owns his own company training the staff in maintenance and service.

Then there was the older couple, both retirees, who told me they bought their first new Ford in 1967.  Since then they have purchased eleven new vehicles from the dealership.  (They currently have a late-model sedan, a truck, and a classic T-bird, all Fords, of course!)  I love hearing stories like this and learning a little about people’s connections.

Titus-Will Ford owner Graham Tash speaks to attendees

Titus-Will Ford owner Graham Tash speaks to attendees


If you’re planning a special occasion and want to add entertainment that your guests will remember long afterwards, call magician Jeff Evans in Olympia at (360) 412-5064 or toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]amazementproductions.com.

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