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December is the month for company holiday parties.  One of the coolest parts about my business is that I get to work with people and companies in all different industries.  This can also be challenging, but that’s what makes my job interesting.  Last weekend I performed for Alaska General Seafoods.  This company has a fish processing plant in Alaska, while the sales and marketing arm is based in Kenmore, Washington.

Steve, their long-time plant manager, was retiring and a video production team created a wonderful documentary filmed at the plant with the Steve as well as many of his staff and co-workers.  the images from life on the ships and work in the canning plant was eye-opening.  Alaska is magnificently beautiful.  It’s also a hard life, and working in the fishing industry can be difficult, cold, monotonous, smelly, and dangerous.

Brad Wilkins with Alaska General Seafoods was kind enough to share many of the superb photos he took during the party and my magic show.  A few of my favorites are included here.


“Jeff’s unique blend of humor and magic created a delightful atmosphere at our Holiday party – it was simply magical!”
-Corey Brown, Alaska General Seafoods

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