Festival & Event Magician

WFEA conference at the Hotel RL Olympia

Festival & Event Magician

The Washington Festivals & Events Association (WFEA) is a nonprofit organization that provides education, leadership development, and resources for producers of festivals and events throughout Washington State.  Their annual meeting was hosted in Olympia at the Hotel RL and festival and event magician Jeff Evans entertained for the opening night party.

festival & event magician Jeff Evans entertains at the Hotel RL Olympia

Close-up magic is the perfect ice breaker for socials and hospitality suites


George Sharp and festival & event magician Jeff Evans at the WFEA conference

George Sharp and Jeff Evans agree: a conference without magic is unbearable


Learn more about Washington festival & event magician Jeff Evans at www.amazementproductions.com.  Or, call him toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]amazementproductions.com.

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