Client Appreciation Magic Cruise

The Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington drew a lot of views from boat traffic during this client appreciation cruise in Budd Bay, Olympia

The Amazement Productions LLC team of Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson performed on board the tall ships Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington in Budd Bay in Olympia, Washington.  It was part of a client appreciation cruise sponsored by a local financial consultant.  Weather couldn’t have been nicer, and the timing was perfect as it was held on Labor Day and many people were able to attend.  Both ships were full of guests, plus crew, catered box lunches… and beer and wine!

This was a “battle cruise” and the two tall ships left the Port of Olympia under their “iron sails” (motor power), then raised sails and proceeded to tack and turn to maneuver the other boat in their sights to fire a volley of cannons!  It was a real hoot.

Crew provided running commentary about the history of the ships, the method of sailing and purpose of the lines and tackle and various sales.  Amazing fact: there is six miles of line – or rope – on each of the ships.

Magicians Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson were on board performing mingling magic with the guests.  This close-up style of entertainment is ideal for situations ranging from socials and cocktail hours to hospitality suites.  To learn more about adding magic to a social or corporate party, contact Jeff Evans in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]

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