Magic Videos for Kids

As I’m writing this post, schools throughout the nation – and many around the globe – are closed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. As such, kids suddenly find themselves at home with a ton of unexpected free time. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the art of magic.

A number of years ago I created the Magic Tricks and Secrets video course in magic. There are two volumes; volume 2 is currently sold out, but volume 1 is ready to be shipped. Regular price through my website is $14.95 + shipping/handling, but I want to make it even more affordable to get it into the hands of kids and families quarantined at home or practicing social distancing. Your special price is just $11.95 + $3 shipping/handling, and most orders ship next business day. This is a limited-time offer while Washington state schools are cancelled for the coronavirus, so order yours today!

“I love magic, but I’m a not a kid anymore.” That’s OK – magic is for all ages! I chose these particular effects because they’re easy to learn and perform, but they work if you’re looking for a fun trick to show the guys and gals at the office, too.

If you’re not already, find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @jeffevansmagic. Stay healthy, and enjoy sharing the art of magic with a friend!

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