Corporate Events in the Age of Covid

Seattle corporate magician Jeff Evans wows the hospitality room
Seattle corporate magician Jeff Evans works the hospitality room

It’s October 2021 and the latest “wave” of the pandemic featuring the delta variant is in the news. Masks are required inside all businesses and even at large outdoor events. Most large indoor events aren’t even happening. But Gensco Inc. isn’t afraid of jumping through a few hoops, and their annual Dealer Meeting was hosted in grand style at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Lake Washington in Renton. The theme: 50s and 60s.

The theme for the event was 50s and 60s, so I tried to play the part. (Although the masks are very 2021!)

Rapid Covid Testing

Because the coronavirus is still a huge health concern (locally as well as globally), most large conferences and meetings are cancelled or happening virtually. For the safety of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, everyone was required to go through a rapid covid test prior to being admitted to the banquet room. It was professionally set up with outdoor tents and helpful and knowledgeable testing staff. I estimate that they had the capacity to test about forty people at once. I breezed through in less than fifteen minutes, so it wasn’t an inconvenience at all.

After the negative test you could choose one of three wristbands; green for handshakes are OK, yellow for limited touching, and red for please provide space. Not only did the band get you into the venue, but the colored bands would make it easy to know how others wanted to interact. Smart!

Virtual meetings and entertainment can be successful; they’re just different than in-person! Learn more about Jeff Evans’ interactive and amazing virtual magic show.

Huge thanks to Judy with Gensco. She’s a fan of magic and we’ve worked together for several annual meetings since 2014!

To learn more about bringing world-class close-up entertainment to your convention, meeting, or banquet, call Seattle magician Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or e-mail jeff[at]

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