Brick Buster

A brick wall is no match for the amazing power of Buster! This is two tricks in one. First, Buster appears to pass like a ghost, rising up through a wall, and then you get to see him “melt” through the middle.

Setup & Preparation

Printing Notes:

    • This one works best with a double-sided print, so you can have a brick pattern on both sides of your wall. It will not work to glue paper back to back, as it becomes too thick to roll up easily.
    • You may want to print out an extra set of walls, so you can have the choice of using the “trap door” or not.


The tutorial is a little long as it teaches two different tricks. Each one can be performed independently, or use them together like I do.

Alterations & More Ideas

I had fun playing around with these variations of Brick Buster. In fact, these alternate presentations may even be better than the original. Experiment for yourself and let me know what you think!

  • You can perform this same trick with any pieces of paper. It works especially well with paper money, you can make a $10 bill melt down though a $5 bill.
  • What else might work? Could you try making magic with rolled up T-shirts?

You’re always welcome to send me a video or photo of you performing one of these routines. E-mail a photo or video link to jeff[at], or tag me @jeffevansmagic on social media. 

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