Crazy Compass

A compass and magnet that you print at home? Is that even possible? Watch as the compass needle seems to follow the direction of the magnet, every single time. Magical, weird, or spooky? Check your bearings after this!

Setup & Preparation

Printing Notes:

  • Be sure to watch the setup video to follow the instruction for this. The single sheet must be folded and glued before cutting.


It will take quite a bit of practice to learn how to handle the Compass smoothly and without hesitation. But over time, you’ll be able to glance at the Compass and know exactly where to hold the paper (upper corner, center, or lower corner) to get the arrows to point in the proper direction. It’s fun when you get the hang of it!

Additional Ideas:

  • As noted in the video, you can draw up your own Crazy Compass and make it follow anything you like.
  • Use the compass or the magical arrow you make to point to hidden treasure, or Easter eggs.
  • Tell the story of trying to find your way to grandma’s house, or maybe how someone you know (mom?) gets lost driving out of town.

Watch the next lesson on Flip To The Future to see a new way to make use of this same technique.

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