Small and Large Illusion

Boomerang shapes seem to grow larger – then shrink again – right in front of your eyes. You may fool yourself as you perform this… but don’t believe everything you see!


Did You Know? This illusion is known as The Jastrow Illusion, published in 1873. It’s almost 150 years old! Here we add a new twist to an old illusion to make it a little more amazing! Remember, it’s fun to learn and practice a trick like this, but it’s even more fun to share it with an audience. Once you make your own Small & Large illusion, who can you show it to? I bet they’ll love it!

Setup & Preparation

Printing Notes:

  • The back side of the sheet is for decoration only, it is not necessary.
  • You can print the black-and-white sheet to design and decorate your own shapes. Color them any way you wish to!


Additional Ideas:

  • You can cut shapes like this out of any material. What happens when you make them longer? Or narrower?
  • Sometimes you can find curved shapes like this around the house. Toy railroad tracks, coffee cup sleeves, or even sectional couches. Do they appear larger or smaller side-by-side?

Bonus: Magic Trick of the Day

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