Teleportation Tubes

How can you explain the quantum bond between these two paper tubes? Objects placed in one seem to travel across to the other in a snap. This is the most challenging item in this course and also introduces you to gimmicked props and the one-ahead principle.


Setup & Preparation

It requires a little more patience to cut out and make, as well as more practice to be able to perform smoothly. What, you expected the power of teleportation to come easy?

Printing Notes:

  • The printable file is double-sided, but the back side is optional decoration. (golden stripes) If you print out only the first page, you can decorate the outside of the tubes to your heart’s delight.


Alternate Ideas:

  • What other small, flat objects might be able to teleport? Perhaps a coin?
  • If you’re interested in science fiction, you may be able to come up with some interesting patter to accompany this trick!
  • Rather than using both of the tubes, what sort of routine is possible using just one of the tubes?
  • During the course of this routine the tubes are used to vanish an object as well as make one appear. How else could you use this tube?
  • Can you use one of the tubes to transform one object into another?  For instance, drop a penny in the top of the tube, and it comes out the bottom as a dime. How could this be done?

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