Flip to the Future

You predict the color and shape randomly selected by a volunteer!

This trick allows you to “read minds,” or at least know the future. Perfect for performing in person, or through video chats and meetings.

Setup & Preparation

Printing Notes:

  • The double-sided print is optional. It gives you a pre-written prediction hidden inside. Instead you can have your prediction written somewhere else.
  • If you don’t use the prediction inside, it may be helpful to glue the folded piece together so it does not open.
  • If printing in black-and-white, take care when coloring the squares. The green squares must be in just the right spot for this to work. (The other colors can be random) For help, look at the color version on your screen and duplicate it when coloring in your copy.


Alternate Ideas:

If you already know the future, you can have your prediction written anywhere! You could write a letter, send an email, stick it in the fridge! What do you think would be the most amazing way to have your prediction revealed?

Bonus: Magic Tip of the Day

Do the same trick only once for the same audience. An important part of magic is the surprise ending. There’s a saying in magic: the first time it’s a show; the second time it’s a lesson. Don’t give your audience a magic lesson!


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