Virtual Science Magic Show

Jeff Evans has been presenting Science Magic programs for libraries and schools since 1996. His Science Magic videos are a free resource used by teachers, parents, and students. And now, the experience is available as a virtual Science Magic show!

Dry ice (carbon dioxide) is used as a fire extinguisher after a quick discussion of the “fire triangle” with students

“We loved this online Science Magic Show. Our kids are OBSESSED with STEM and we were looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate the start of the new school year. This was a fantastic program for our Kindergarten-5th grade group (along with some of their preschool and middle school siblings!) I loved that Jeff not only included his amazing magic and knowledge of science, but he stirs a hunger in the kids to learn more and them sets them loose for their own exploration. Jeff set up everything and made it so easy for us to have a safe and fun online event for almost 90 kids. I’ve already recommended him to my cohorts who are looking for high quality and engaging online events!”
-Gina Odierno, Timberlake Christian Church

Jeff Evans’ Science Magic assembly is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students are exposed to the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases.  The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated.

Magic tricks can be explained by science, and Jeff has been fascinated with science experiments and demonstrations since he was a growing up.  So, the idea of bringing science and magic together was a natural.  His goal is to spread this amazement and desire to learn science on to students.

See the “Water and Oil Challenge” at

Learn more about Jeff’s STEM and science fair assembly online or call Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at] today.