Walking Through Paper

A stunt that seems impossible… until you know the secret!


Not so much a magic trick as a stunt that sounds impossible, but then everyone gets to see exactly how it can be done! This lesson includes a helpful print-out for training purposes, but once you have learned the technique, you can perform this anywhere, any time, with any piece of paper. If you watch the bonus video, you’ll know that it can be done even with a tiny piece of paper.

Setup and Explanation

Printing Notes:

  • You only need the Training sheet for learning the first time.
  • The Practice sheet may be helpful as guiding lines for performance, until you’ve done it enough times you can just use any blank sheet.

Alternate Ideas:

  • This pairs well with Brick Buster. You can show the paper version of walking through a wall, then propose to try the same stunt yourself!
  • This trick can be used to tell an inspirational story of perseverance. You can’t give up because something seems impossible. You may be able to find a way!
  • Your challenge: what’s the smallest piece of paper you can walk through? Let Jeff know or tag him on social media @jeffevansmagic!

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